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Chromium OS is the open source version of Google's Chrome Operating System, found on their Chromebook and Chromebox devices.

Like any modern Operating System, Chromium enables you to quickly get things done such as:

  • Producing office documents via Google Docs or Microsoft Word online
  • Producing spreadsheets via Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel online
  • Producing amazing presentations via Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint online
  • Play games such as Plants vs Zombies, Cut the rope and loads more.

Many applications are available via the Google Web Store.

No Backup Required

Unlike other Operating Systems, Chromium OS is completely cloud-based; all your documents and files are stored in the cloud, and available on any device.

Nothing to install or keep up-to-date

Chromium OS does not require an antivirus, because there are no applications actually installed on your computer. All the applications are actually web-applications. Some applications do enable you to work offline, see the Google web store for details.

We've created this quick guide to get you up and running.




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