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Your Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.

Q - Which Single Board Computers does Chromium OS run on?

A - We have tested the build on

  • Raspberry Pi2

  • Raspberry Pi3

Q - Why does x happen?

A - Please ask any technical questions in our Forum or via the Reddit page, that way we can share solutions with anyone else experiencing the same issue. Also, check the Known Issues Page.

Q - When will x be fixed?

A - We keep track of any bugs or issues with our builds. If you identify a problem, we will do our best to resolve it. Please remember this is a volunteer based effort, so we'll do our best! Check the list of known issues for the build you are using, and if that doesn't help try the Forum.

Q - Is it legal?

A - Chromium OS is an open source operating system and is freely and legally available under the BSD license. BSD Licenses are the most permissive type of license, enabling any type of use of the code including for commercial or noncommercial use..

Q - Can I change the resolution to run on my monitor?

A - Raspberry Pis have two outputs, a HDMI output that runs at 1080p standard, and a composite output that runs at 720x625 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC).

Q - What Size SD card should do I need?

A - Although the image size is just over 7Gb, it is best to use a 16Gb SD card. These can be purchased for around $7 US (£5 GBP).

You can buy cards cheaper, this is because they are a lower class size. A Class 10 card is recommended for good performance.

Q - Is it stable / usable?

A - The build is quite stable and usable - see Known Issues for a list of things we know may have problems.

Q - Does Wifi work?

A - Yes.

Q - Does it work with BerryBoot?

A - Not really, BerryBoot can’t handle the number of partitions used by Chromium OS (it uses 12)




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